XCP-NG VM upload speed

I am running a pcloud instance in an Ubuntu VM to backup my data. The PCloud application I am using has an upload speed of 96kb/sec. when I run a speedtest via firefox I get 555+ MB/s upload, but the download fails. I installed the command line version of speedtest and I get a great download and an upload of 8.47 MB/s. This is obviously about max. I contacted PCloud and they provided me a link with a download test to run.

When I run this with from a browser on my desktop I get reasonable numbers. When I do the same test from within the vm I get terrible numbers. Screen shots of both are attached.

I would appreciate any help figuring out what is going on. TIA.

Have you installed the PV drivers on your ubuntu VM?

Do you mean xe-guest-utilities? If so, yes. That is installed.

I think the bottleneck is the browser performance in the VM. I have pretty bad GUI performance running pop-os in xcp-ng. If your terminal test is showing the right speed then I wouldn’t worry about it.

The problem is that I am getting a 100kb/s upload speed from my pcloud application.

what about not relying on web browser gui? rclone has pcloud interface so you can do it from CLI

It might be an incompatible NIC in the XCP-NG host, does it happen to be a Broadcom? They are well known for being buggy.

It is not a broadcom. I had it connected to a Chelsio T320 10G dual port adapter. I switched it to a gigabit I210 and the behavior is the same.

thanks for the suggestion tom. Switching the nic worked.