Xcp-ng VM smb speeds

I am new to this Forum and new to xcp-ng.
I have run a standalone home windows server 2012 R2 for years now and decided to experiment with using a hypervisor and VM’s.
I recently watched the video on how to set up a xcp-ng server and managed to get my server up and running with a few Debian 10 VM’s.
I then installed samba on them and have managed to get access through my Windows 10 PC.
The issue I seem to be having is transfer speeds over smb;
Within the VM the reported hdd read speed is ~450mb/s
3 x 2Tb SAS Hdd’s in Raid 0, passed through to VM, running from LSI D2616 Raid controller.
HDD tested using “hdparm -Tt /dev/xvdb”
I am using a 10gb network direct from the server to my PC which reports at least 850Mbs using Iperf3.
for some reason the file transfers from VM to Windows, and vice versa, through SMB cap at about 130 - 150 Mbs.
I understand that this isn’t that slow but its still no where near the performance raid 0 should be.
Am I missing something obvious?

Just as a side note this set up is not data critical its purely for a network game drive.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hard to say because there are so many factors, do you have the Windows Update option turned in in XCP-NG/Xen Orchestra so the drivers are loaded?

The windows 10 machine is not under xcp-ng. It is a physical machine.
The vm’s are all debían 10.