XCP-NG VM Recovery

Hi Guys,

Have an R720 server that I use as a lab/test environment. I hadn’t used it for a while so it was switched off and someone in the office needed a couple of drives and took them from this server. In theory it’s no big deal as it was a test system anyway. However, something has come up that requires some testing and it would be great if I could get this running again. Of course, I could set it up again, but I’m hoping it might be recoverable. As the vm’s do take a bit of time installing etc. So the disk configuration of the R720 is 8 drives. I had set up 4 x RAID1 volumes on the Perc controller. Disks 0 & 1 (RAID1) was just the XCP-NG host, with the other similar setups (3 x RAID1 volumes) being the VM’s. I didn’t backup the metadata as it was just a test unit. The drives that were taken were Disk 0 & 1, ie the XCP-NG host. As the other RAID’s are in tact, I’m just wondering if there is a way recovery the VM’s off the drives, or popping in another couple of drives and setting up a new host. Not sure if I mapped the disks ie /dev/sdb to the new host whether I would be able to access/see the VM and ultimately get them operational again. tbh, I’m just trying to cut corners. I’m trying not to waste time on this if it’s not possible. This could be better spent setting everything back up again.

I appreicate any comments


** and before I get burned … I know … ALWAYS BACKUP :slight_smile: **

If you are missing the meta data but still have the VDI’s of the VM’s you can add back that storage, scan it for drives, then build a new VM and attached them. All the CPU/Memory/Network settings etc for the VM were stored in the metadata which you are missing.

Good call. I’ll give that a go.

I assume that I build the vm making sure its the same OS. But will having different setting ie memory, cpu’s have any adverse effect on the newly recovered vdi? I can’t remember what i had set for them.

Appreciate it.

The VMs will boot with different memory/cpu/network settings (other than the obvious performance changes different vcpu and memory would bring). But it won’t be an issue at all, from my experience doing something similar.

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