XCP-NG - vCPU, Cores, Threads

Hi Tom,

Just a suggestion for a video on setting up VM’s in XCP-NG - particulalry in terms of hardware ie, allocating processors/memory.

Some suggested sub-topics:

1.) Why too much can be bad
2.) Troubleshotting slowness/lag in VM - CPU related
3.) Perfomance monitoring on Windows/linux with recommended tools highlighting potential problems
4.) Tweaking the settings to get optimum performance from your VM

It’s such as grey area and a mistake that I made in the beginning.


NB: Becuase of your vids, we have now all our sites running XCP-NG/Synology/Unifi in production … keep up the good work !!!


I need to do an updated video on the whole system, lots of new features have been added. I can put this in as part of the tutorial.

Looking forward to it :smile:

I’d really like to know how low you can go on processor specs and get decent performance from Windows servers running AD, etc. How over provisioned can you go in a lab or in production. SOme people get by with heavy over provision, some say do not do it at all unless stuff has crashed and you needed to move VM over temporarily.

I’m actually coming up on that choice as I need to put forth a budget request for the 22-23 budget year and probably going to need to start with not enough to do it the no over provision way in a failure mode.