XCP-NG tools installation


First of all, thank you for your videos. They have really inspired me to dive in to XCP-NG and replace some of the older ESXi VMware hosts that I have.

The problem I am facing is the XCP-NG tools getting installed properly.

I started with three basic VMs.

  1. New install of Win10. (even with Xen Orchestra > advanced> windows update tools checked on, and widows update installing the Citrix stuff, I still see “No Xen tools detected” on the “general” TAB of XOA.
  2. New install of Turnkey Linux (Debian based, I think). When I tried to install “Guest-tools” via the ISO. It does not detect the Linux flavor. So then I did apt-get install xen-tools, which installed successfully, but XOA is still reporting “no Xen tools detected”
  3. Imported an old Windows server 2003 VM from my VMware ESXi host to the XCP-NG server. And tried so many things to find a good install for the xen-tools and drivers with no success.

Is this just too immature of a product for real production systems?



Hard to say what you are doing wrong without more details as I have not had these issues. We have used with with Windows server 2012, 2016 and Windows 10 with the Windows update and no issues. For Linux I just install the tools from the CD and restart as the tool instructs, but that has been from both debian and ubuntu, I have not tested it with other versions but there are a lot of large scale production installs being discussed in their forums https://xcp-ng.org/forum/



I can confirm the Ubuntu and Debian side of things as tom said. Just to make sure i just installed them on my Plex server, rebooted and shows memory utilization now.

Windows however has proven to be a challenge lately. Normally my process was turn on Windows update in XOA, check for updates and bam there they were citrix tools downloading. I do have an older windows 7 machine (labeled UPI) that was one of the first to work with the XOA way of applying tools.

Recently it have been seeing next to 0 success with this method. I have been using the github drivers by xcp and I can say they have been working very well. Doesn’t solve the performance counters issue in XCP center but it works for me.

Later tonight I will do a fresh install of windows 10 and see what happens haven’t done that in a while and i have been using template vm’s.



Yes I can agree , with jackm , there has been some issues with windows vm’s , if you take alook at device manager - all xcp drivers are loaded for windows except , when you look at the picture that Management Agent (Asking to install it) is a big question mark , the management interfaces (XOA and xcp-ng manager ) is still not identifying the details of the windows VM - It has dawned on me that it could be the internal firewall blocking the agent on a certain port , why I say this is when I installed the zabbix agent on windows it did not work (Produced the same symptoms) and then I did further trouble shooting I found I needed to go into advanced firewall configuration and allow my zabbix server (IP) access to the windows box then it worked … mite be possible that it is the same with the XCP management interface , I will investigate later … good luck gents :slight_smile:



How about older operating systems like my server 2003. Will I have any luck finding working drivers/tools to install on this?

I just posted this on the xcp-ng forum as well.



It works, you just have to load them manually in older Windows versions.

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Where do I get them from?



They are in the Guest tools ISO that comes with the install.

I have a video about this

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Can you please share with me a copy of your ISO.
The current one that I downloaded from the website does not have the windows tools. it ONLY has a Linux folder and a README file. and the readme file says this:
“We are not allowed to redistribute the windows tools built and signed by Citrix, so they are not included here.”



You can download them from their GitHub

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Sorry, The ONLY version here is the Beta 8.2.1 which crashes during the install.
Even according to the Github page it will only work with server 2016.
I have server 2003, 2008 and winXP VMs that still need to live. I’m afraid to mention I even have a Win2K machine that I was dreaming to virtualize one day, LOL.



Use the Citrix ones, as I suggested in the video.


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worked like a charm thanks Tom

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