XCP-NG Temperature Monitoring

Hello Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone had experience getting temperature information out of their xcp-ng server. I don’t have an IPMI/IDRAC/ILO/RMM. Currently this build is a z97 Pro 4 mobo 32GB ram 4790K cpu

Since this is my old workstation it has a Corsair H100i cpu cooler and i just want to make sure it doesn’t fail at some point or run too low.

Doing some research and i found i might be able to use lm-sensors but i have not been able to get these to install.


I have never tried setting that up, but you could post it as a feature request over in the https://xcp-ng.org/forum/ or on their GitHub


Thanks i’ll give it a shot. Might end up swapping it with an air cooler to be safe for now.


When you say you couldn’t get lm-sensors to install – why not? Did you enable the appropriate repositories? I haven’t tried lm-sensons yet but I suspect you might need to add them to your DOM.