XCP-NG Tapdisk error - Freenas update

Hello Everyone,

So I just updated my FreeNAS to TrueNAS 12RC1 and now only one of my NFS shares seems to not be working. The share itself is connected to XCP and my other NFS share that some vm’s are on is working. The problem share keeps saying “Tapdisk experienced an error” and will fail to start the VM.

This is happening on all VM’s associated with that share. Its a lab box so it’s not thatttt catastrophic but I would like to know whats going on with it.

Last note: this only happened once I updated to TrueNas 12 RC1

Not sure what logs or screenshots someone might need but can send whatever.

You might be able to remove the nfs share in xcpng and add it back.

I tried this and now my disks are all ghosted…not associated with a VM…

decided to delete the share and vms off it and restore from XOA backups…honestly flawless.

I’m curious to know what in the world happened though.

upgraded my Freenas 11.3u5 to Truenas 12.0, then all my NFS hosts stopped working in Vmware, listing directorys no problem but read/write did not work, reverted back to 11.3u5