XCP-NG storage on Dell VRTX (Home environment)

Hey all,
I have been having significant performance issues with my current homeprod (VMs in Proxmox over NFS), so I bought a Dell VRTX to satisfy my obsession with blade servers. So far so good! I haven’t moved any production VMs onto it from my old infrastructure yet. Now… I am considering moving everything to XCP-NG so I can have all of my VM servers (at multiple locations) in a single web interface. Is there a way I can use the internal shared storage of the VRTX in XCP-NG to host my VM images? I would pass the same virtual disk through to three blades, and want to live migrate with this storage, which would appear as local, even though it is shared with all three blades. From watching one of Tom’s videos, it looks like I can pass the virtual disk through to one blade, and then have the storage shared over the network to the other servers in the local resource pool / cluster, but I’d rather just pass the virtual disk to each blade separately so I can reboot any given blade for updates / upgrades.

Is a setup like this possible? Thanks!

To do things the way you want probably requires XO-SAN2 which think is still in Beta and a paid feature. Or I’m reading what you are saying wrong.

If you just want to use the local storage that is present on each Hypervisor host, you can do this and still live migrate VM’s across a pool to other hosts. But each VM is only going to live on the specified host, at least from the limited testing that I’ve done.

All that said, I’m not at all familiar with that specific blade system, I may be completely wrong with all of this.

I would look into the performance issues with NFS and figure out what is going on. I would even suggest going so far as to buy a second server (or blade) to run Truenas and set up an NFS share for the VM storage and a share to hold my ISO images for installation of the VM’s. I would also probably suggest making an NFS share for the HA heartbeat so I could play with XCP-NG HA. And I make those suggestions because that is exactly what I did and for my little lab system I’m not seeing any real storage speed issues, even on only gigabit networking. The only issue I have is moving ISO files from Windows to the NFS share where I put the ISO install files. Windows and NFS don’ really like playing together, at least not for me and my limited experience.