XCP-ng Storage NFS vs CIFS

I have a couple of servers with XCP-ng that have 10G network connection through a 10G switch to a Synology 8-bay DS1819+. The Synology has 8x 8ish TB drives in it in SHR-2. My XO (from source) is in a VM on the XCP-ng host in question.

I have an SR with NFS to the Synology and a required remote NFS share for Delta Backups. I the backup seems to be going fairly slow compared to me just copies a file from my windows 10 machine to the Synology with SMB.

I see in XO Remote requests for linux you use NFS but I wanted to check and see if I would benefit from having my remote be SMB vs NFS. Synology doesn’t offer much in the way of optimization

I am not sure, I have never tested the speed difference between NFS and SMB on Synology. It has been a while since I looked up any tests, but I think NFS is generally a bit faster, but it may come down to how the Synology handles it.


Thanks a bunch for the quick response. I was watching some of your videos storage / virtualization like, NFS vs ISCSI and I was noticing how slow my XCP-ng backups were going.

As I have this Synology, I’ll be sticking with it now until it dies and then I’m go with something like FreeNAS or UnRAID. Unless I can magically put one of those on m Synology, and then I wasted a bunch of money on a chassis / case but I would be fine with that.