XCP-NG Storage Network Direct Connection

Hey everyone, i feel like ive gone through all the videos but still cant figure this out. I have an XCP-NG server with 2 SFP+ ports and a TrueNAS server with 2 SFP+ ports. each server has one SFP+ connection to my agg switch then i have the the 2nd on each going into each other, direct connection. I was able to setup a static ip on my truenas ( and i was planning on setting a static on my xcp-ng as however i cannot figure out where to configure that. I tried created a private network in xoa but it only lets me select my SFP+ LAN connection to my switch. not the other one. it does show up as device connected in network info.

May be a dumb question but when i see @LTS_Tom mention direct connection. I’m picturing cable from server to storage. Or do it mean still on a switch over the same vlan with no gateway? i figure it would/should still work the same but im out of my realm on this one

You can do this either way.

You can have a direct connection from server to storage on its own.


You can connect your storage and servers to a switch on its own VLAN for the iSCSI/NFS storage traffic.

The best practice and ideal setup for storage is having it on a dedicated subnet with no gateway as it should not be routed. Going through a switch is fine, having a dedicated switch for storage is even better.

Probably a two step process. In XO go to your host → network tab, then assign an address to the Physical InterFace. You may also need to go to the pool → network and add a network. If you don’t see your PIF, hit refresh. The PIF may not appear until there is a module in the SFP+, or it may, depends on the card in use.