XCP-ng Speed Between VMs

In XCP-ng, what is the speed between two VMs connected to the same network? Does it make a difference if the network only exists on the host wit no real physical port attached, or whether it’s also attached to a physical NIC?


There are some hardware and software limitations but servers on the same host and talking on the same interface can go faster than the speed of that physical interface.

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Hey guys, I’m going to follow on this topic instead of opening a new one. I’m only going to change the hypervisor (HyperV)

I have 3 VMs that work together talking to each other through TPC/IP (one IP of the LAN subnet to each of the VMs). Inside HyperV, they use the same VSwich with 1 physical NIC port assigned to it.

Just for the sake of it, the software is iManage. (VM1 is IIS frontend, 2 is SQL Database, 3 is application processing.) The software works this way, don’t ask me why…lol

The hardware in question is a Dell R430 E5-2609 v3, 64Gigs of RAM and SAS drives. NIC is the factory model, embedded on the motherboard with 4 physical ports + iDrac (exclusive, not shared).

In order not to ramp up CPU and memory, is it better to assign one physical NIC port (and by that 1 VSwitch) and make data go through the network switch o should I keep using 1 VSwitch (and one NIC port) for the 3 VMs?

Note: Speed (above 1Gbt/s) is not an issue since I’m delivering lightweight content over the internet to home office users (Email archiving and Office files for the most part). Internet link speed is 50Mbts symetrical for this application.