XCP-NG Specs of your Xenifer and Xenifer2

Dear Tom,
Could you please share the complete specs of your Xenifer and Xenifer2 Servers.
From the excellent video you made, I was only able to get that it is a R710 from Dell (purchased from Server Monkey) and that it has Dual CPU x5670 at 2.93Ghz. It also has 2 Intel 240GB SSDs, Dual 850W power supplies, it has the 8x2.5" disk configuration. It has 32GB of RAM (which you later updated to 40GB)
But, what RAID card do you use? Do we need any type of RAID config if we use it for XCP-NG such as you have done with your Server and the 2 Intel 240GB SSDs?

Thanks for your reply and for always sharing your best practices and knowledge!

Per my order it is a SAS 6/iR RAID Controller but I am not sure the exact model number. It is a Dell Perc controller according to the drivers.

And as for RAID config, you don’t need anything specific. You can create an array that fits your disk configuration, or you can run the controller in HBA mode, and that will work fine too.

We are also using FreeNAS as our shared storage between our Xenservers so the raid card is not as relevant in our setup.

Do you have any issues running the latest version of Xen on the R710’s?
I have an R710 for my home lab that is running vSphere 5.5, Id like to run
the latest version of vSphere on it but its not on the HCL. Im tempted to
switch to Xen if it supports the R710 fully

I have not noticed any issues and it is in the list for Citrix which means it should work wiht XCP-NG

Dear Tom and Manipulate,
Many thanks for all your feedback and response.
I will follow your advice. I will get the RAID card (if its still possible from Server Monkey) that Tom got with his purchase.

As for Jetter,
Yes, do the switch to XCP-NG it fully supports R710’s. You wont regret it my friend.
Best of Luck.

I’m running the latest vSphere (6.7U1) on my R710 and R610, the only caveat, is you need to run L or X series CPUs.

One question. You mention you have vSphere (6.7U1). Is it true that the vclient does not work with that version? What do you use to manage the VMs?

Correct. the old vclient does not work any longer.

When I need to manage a VM, I either use the HTML5 version of vSphere Client or I log into the ESXi host itself.

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did you use one of dell’s custom iso’s to install ESXi?

Yes, I’ve used a Dell one, and one from VMWare.

Your vSphere is pulling the hardware info from iDrac with no issues? I know this is an issue with HP ILO once the systems fall of the HCL.

While in a single server setup this would not be a big issue, but in a HA setup it makes it impossible to trigger a VM migration based off of failing hardware, such as a fan etc.