XCP-NG slow disk performance

Due to all the talk by Tom about his love for XCP-NG and not having a use case for proxmox I decided to try it out. I grabbed an extra HP DL-380 G5 server I have and installed 7.6. It’s a dual quad CPU, 16 GB DDR2, 4x2.5" 7200 RPM WD Black in a raid 10 with the controller. However, I was surprised how long it took to install but not having any experience thought nothing of it. When I installed my first VM of windows 10 pro I then knew something wasn’t right. This server used to be a proxmox node (but there is a bug with proxmox that the new Debian doesn’t work with this server anymore.) I finished installing 10 build 1809 and installed can’t believe how often I’m waiting on simple tasks like installing firefox. Any suggestions or things I’m skipping that are required for windows guests?

Make sure you have the PV drivers loaded in Windows, they make a big difference in the disk performance. https://youtu.be/nGfx5upOk8c

Thanks Tom for the quick reply. I got into Xen Orchestra and was surprised to see that already enabled. Went into update history and oddly enough I see Citrix drivers installed from the 14th. Not sure how that’s possible. One thing I noticed is that the task manager shows it has all 8 CPUs I assigned but the usage is frequently high even just installing programs. Guess I’ll continue to evaluate and see what I find.

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Check iops in if your using XOA. Seems you may have a bottleneck somewhere.

I have the same thing with Win 10. Citrix drivers are installed. Windows Server 2016 on same datasore and host is fine. I’ve chalked it up to Win 10.

Click on the hypervisors - > storage - > stats and look at iops