XCP-ng shared physical hdd's between 2 physical servers

First time on the forum :wave:

I have just recently started a homelab project.

I bought two servers:
1x Dell PowerEdge R310 (4x3,5"hdd slots)
1x Dell PowerEdge R720 (16x2,5" hdd slots)

My plan is to install XCP-ng on both servers.

I will run XenOrchestra + pfSense on the R310. There is 4x 3,5" hdd slots in that server, 2x3.5" will be used for XO and pfSense and 2 slots will be empty.

The R720 will run PLEX + a minecraft server + future fun stuff.

Now to my question, can i passthru the empty 2x3.5" hdd’s from the R310 to be used by vm’s in the R720?

The reason being that i want to be able to use my 2x3.5" nas hdd’s i have laying around from a previous project.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

No, each system uses the local drives for local storage.

Okey, thanks for your fast reply and thanks for your awesome videos and guides @LTS_Tom !

Could I for example create a samba share vm on 1 server and have my Plex vm connect to that from the other server?

Sorry for my noob questions, I’m kind of new to the server World :blush:


You can install samba or what ever sharing tool you want on one of the VM’s

Cool, I’ll try it out as soon as i have gotten my hands on some 2.5" hdd’s for the R720 :slight_smile: (It´s empty at the moment)

Thanks again!

XOSan? I haven’t read up on it so not really sure, and it doesn’t look like we can build it from source.