XCP-ng server internet speed


I run an XCP-ng server but I have problems none of my vms get better internet speed a 30-40 Mbps and i have 250 Mbps

But i have okay response time (1 ms) the test server is in the same city

What speeds are you getting via local interfaces?

in windows it says that they are 100Mbps but they are 1000Mbps

network nicks in my vm machine

You may have some NIC’s that are incompatible. The XCP-NG forums might be more helpful for that https://xcp-ng.org/forum/category/3/network

If the VMs are Windows guests then you’ll definitely want to load drivers (think Xen calls it XenTools? if I’m not mistaken). Otherwise it’s likely using older, more compatible NIC/disk emulation which results in horrible performance.

I primarily use Proxmox and any Windows VMs need virtio drivers setup at install to perform well.