XCP-NG Second Server / XO Console

Maybe a silly question.

We are setting up a new xcp-ng at a client, that already has one xcp-ng / xo server.

The server will have the identical network setup as the existing one except 10GB cards. Both servers will have 4 x 1 gb hp network ports.

I watched tom’s video - XCP-ng Networking Explained: From Interface Setup to VLANs and SDN. If I need to rename the ports

In order to manage this new server under one xo, do I just add the new server into the xo console.

Do not need HA

Yes, just add it to XO and you should be fine. Are you going to run both of them in a pool, or as stand alone servers?

The new server will be standalone, only running one virtual machine. Using this setup for XO backups to a nas device

Looking at video, add the server into the XO console , just makes management of the two standalone server easy

Thank you Tom, watching VLOG Thursday 371

Parts of the puzzle fitted together , and I understand more about XO and having XPG-NG servers connected in XO in standalone mode.