XCP-NG Rolling Pool update feature - fail with pass through graphics card

Not too long ago the Rolling Pool Update feature was introduced. Today I logged into my XO to delete a few VM’s that I no longer need, and noticed there were patches. So I decided to try the Rolling Pool Update and see what happens. Well first thing was an immediate failure with the error being that I had a VM tied to a video card which ties it to the host.

What I didn’t try was shutting down and putting the same model card in the other hosts.

Yes it makes sense, can’t migrate a VM that is tied to a graphics card that is only present in one host. Eventually I’ll have to install two more cards to make sure I can move things around, but I don’t expect problems if the hardware is all the same.

Just thought I would mention this in case some one else tries this and has a failure for some kind of pass through device. I got around this by just shutting the VM down and hitting the button again, it’s working right now.