XCP-NG Redundant Shared Storage

I’m working on moving from Hyper-V to XCP-NG. In the lab, I’ve been trying to get iSCSI to multipath to a redundant Starwind vSAN setup however, when trying to add the 2nd Starwind host, Xen Orchestra says The SR is already in use (presumable because the disk identifier is the same on SAN Node B). Has anyone setup XCP with redundant storage, and if so, do you have any documentation / a guides on how it’s done? I did get multipathing working properly to one node. I’ve included a brief diagram of the Lab. Any help is appreciated, first time posting here, been watching the YT channel forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for joining, but I have never used the Starwind VSAN system, maybe someone here will have some more insight. The HA setup we have used are the Synology or the IXSystem M Series hardware running TrueNAS.

Thanks for the reply! In that case, have you ever seen a setup where XCP-NG uses any type of redundant shared storage? I couldn’t find anything with a google search.

With their model the redundant storage is not handled by the hypervisor, but by the service proving the storage.

oh, for sure, Starwind handles all that. But is it possible to provide multiple IP Addresses (when they’re on different nodes), for a single iSCSI connection in XCP. In Hyper-V its just multiple target portals, in vmware the HBA discovery finds all of the initiators on the networks provided. Maybe this is something I could pay LTS to look at? Not sure if you guys offer services for a couple of hours. Starwind does support Xen, so I’m sure it’s just something I’m not seeing.

I don’t know if it’s possible, might want to post over their forums. Home | XCP-ng and XO forum