XCP-ng quik deploy fails

I am new to XCp-ng and getting an error when I attempt to run the quick deploy after installing xcp-ng

I https in to the IP of the machine, run quick deploy and get the following error

“code”; 1

What do you mean by quick deploy?

to install xen orchestra for management. it’s an option after install xcp-ng and go to the IP of the server just installed, it’s an option to install xen orchestra

unless I have complete missed some steps after installing xcp-ng. This is my first attempt at doing so on a bare metal build

Oh ok. When you go to the xcpng host ip in the browser you have to make sure to accept to proceed to the insecure site. Then navigate to the quick deploy page and try again.

that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve attempted several times. It’s acting as if I have to have a vm already created to install to. I get to the screen where I have to accept the self signed cert, I accept and it takes me to the page that gives me the option for quick install or cli. I input the info and the attached image is the error I get

Are you sure your root password is correct? Can you ssh to your xcpng from your pc?

yes I can ssh in with the root. I just attempted to install xen server with root and it gives me the same error.

I think I know what the problem is… I only have 1 nic in the server and I have to assign the xen server to a different IP than the IP of the server itself, or at least that’s what it seems. And since the IP that I put in for the xen server is not “assigned” the install doesn’t know where to look.

Is there a way to assign multiple IP’s to the server itself prior to installing xen server?

You should have XOA get an IP via DHCP and it can use the same interface.

Thank you. If I were to put in a second NIC, is it best practice to statically assign the IP on both?

I finally got it… I forgot to turn virtualization on on the motherboard.

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As for the NIC cards, you don’t assign IP to the NIC at the host level, that is done inside the VM.