Xcp-ng private virtual network


I’m in the process to trying to understand the use case due the need of a private virtual network in xcp-ng…

Coulante please illustrate à few scenarios so I can get my head around it. So far, I only came up with database cluster communication.

Also, the xcp-ng virtual network relie on a 1 physical Nic, and do not support bonded Nic.S will the entire infrastructure crumble if the physical nic card fail?

I got the feeling that I’m not fully understanding the concept…

Thank you

It does not depend on any real NIC in the system, it is just a virtual one created by the system. Use cases are varied, but I mostly use it for lab testing. For example, I create a pfsense instance in a VM with the WAN attached to a network and the LAN to the private that I then attach a series of VM’s to. Also good for sandboxing VM’s for security research.

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Thank you @LTS_Tom fut the reply. So why do you need to select a physical network card when setting it up?

You should not have to, mine is not connected to one. IOT is VLAN 50 with eth0 and LAN of XEN2 is private.


How do you create that?
On mine it assign a tunnel automaticly

I go to pool -> Network -> Add Network -> Private network
Then I have to choose NIC card etc

Weird, must be a bug that stops it, post this over in their forums. In the mean time, you should be able to do it with the Window based management tool.

OK I will post it. Could it be because I have a pool of 3 hosts in HA?

I cannot create a private network via xcp-ng centre (

For some reason it is greyed out.
I diasbled HA and still same

I thought you were trying to do it single server, the process is different for multi server.

Thanks for the link… So back to original question then, will I loose the whole infrastructure if the physical Nic dies or go faulty? Will it use the physical port and not create a virtual version?

It needs a physical port for the GRE tunnel to connect to the other servers.