Xcp_ng private network issue


I have an ongoing post on the xcp-ng forum here but I was wordering if anyone here had the same issue as I have?

I created a Private network and none of the VM can see each other via the tunel.
I cannot ping any VM in the same private network.

I don’t have much experience using private networks via the GRE tunnel method because all of our servers are in the same building. I just create a VLAN on the switches and then create an adapter that pulls in that VLAN on all the hosts.


All the servers are in the same rack so maybe I don’t need GRE. I guess I don’t fully understand GRE vs VxLAN.

Would you sugest, I try using VxLAN? I have pfSenst at the head of the network, do I need to create a vlan?

All you need to do is create the network on the switche(s) connected to the XCP-NG servers. Then choose the interface that connected to the switch port that has all the VLANS. It only needs to exist in your pfsense/router if you are going to do routing with it.


Just wondering if you’ve ran into any instance of xcp-ng not being able to create more than 9 VLANS. I’m not aware of the actual number (8,9,10), however I believe there is a limitation to how many xcp is able to create. I ran across the article the other week: https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/wiki/VLAN-Trunking-in-a-VM and wondered if you have ever tried this method?

As shared in my screenshots, I am using the “Multiple VIFs” approach. I don’t needs more that 7 and I have not any client situations that needed more than 7 either.

@LTS_Tom thank you for making this awesome video about vlan in xen orchestra.

I really feel as it was make for me lol.
I followed the instructions and set my ports to ‘trunk’ mode with no DHCP as all server get static ip assign to them.

Inside the VMs I set the interface ip to with gateway of but none of my VMs can ping each other…

I’m pfsense, I created vlan10 on my lan interface. Do I need and firewall rule set for it to work? Do I need to delete the gre network I created?

Tom is correct if yo don’t need it, I wouldn’t bother. That being said if yo want to play with it I suggest you read up on OVS, which is what XCP-ng uses to create the tunnels. I have worked with OVS in the past with other hypervisors and it takes a bit of learning to get it working correctly.

Hi @sdfungi
I deleted all the private network and created a simple vlan network as per @LTS_Tom screenshot above.

When both VMs are on the same host they can ping each other with no problem but when they move to another host in the same pool, then, the ping stop.

Some switches require the VLANS be defined in order for them to pass the traffic.

100% correct… After adding the vlan to the switch, everything is working.
What the learning journey this xcp-ng business :slight_smile:

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