XCP-ng Pool Upgrade

Hey all! To those who celebrate; Happy (day before) Thanksgiving!

I’m currently running a lab consisting of 2 XCP-ng hosts in a pool with an iSCSI SR hosted on TrueNAS. This pool currently runs 12 VMs, a few of which I would consider ‘home production’ and while it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they died or I had to rebuild them, it would be very time consuming and frustrating. Right now everything is humming along happily, but the two XCP-ng hosts are custom builds and getting old. I recently purchased two identical (used) HP servers that I plan on upgrading to.

Now for the dilemma:
I know you can’t have multiple pools connected to a single iSCSI LUN, so my thought was to shut down the old hosts, configure the new, attach the iSCSI SR to the new pool, then re-build the VMs and attach the VHDs from the SR. I know this is a niche scenario, but do you think this would work? Can anyone think of an easier way to migrate?

As stated, this is a lab only running a few ‘production’ VMs so down time isn’t a huge deal, but I would prefer not to have to rebuild from the ground up. If nothing else, I’m seeing this as a learning opportunity on how not to configure your storage for production. Hope to hear from you soon!


The easiest way would be to join the new servers to the existing pool, elect one as the pool master, start the VM’s on the new server, eject the old servers.

Got it. I’ll give that a shot. You don’t think that will cause issues resulting from having two different hardware variants/feature sets?

You can have mixed systems, mixed hardware, but it will not allow for live migrations if the hardware is too different.

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Got it. You’re the best Tom. Thank you!

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