XCP-NG Pool Storage

Hello Everyone,

I recently added three Dell R320 servers to an XCP pool but overlooked configuring a storage NIC on each. All servers are equipped with Intel X520 10Gig NICs. Currently, Eth2 on each server is handling the VM traffic.

I intended to use Eth3 for either storage or migration purposes, but I forgot to assign IP addresses to these interfaces before adding the servers to the pool.

Can I still safely assign an IP address to Eth3 on each server through Xen Orchestra, even though they are already part of the pool?

Thank you!

It might be possible to change the IP from xen orchestra but I wouldn’t do it that way. It would be much cleaner and simpler to do this at the console of each host.

It’s really easy to assign an IP to an interface of a host right from XO, In this video at the 7:31 mark I show how

Thanks I know I can do that but since all networking is done at the pool level was just wondering if it’s safe to still assign the IP from the host level.

Guess so!

Thank you

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