Xcp-ng, pfSense and Internet Connectivity

Hey all!

I am working with a Dell r720 with (1) 4-port and (1) 2-port Broadcom NetXtreme 5720 network adapters, xcp-NG for virtualization, and pfSense as the router.

eth0 (xenbr0) is the Management network and configured with a static ip address.

eth1 (xenbr1) is the uplink to my Unifi 24-port switch and is connected to the switch by way of an ethernet cable connected to one of the SFP ports.

eth5 (xenbr5) is connected to the Internet and is designated WAN in pfSense and currently configured for IPv4 via dhcp; IPv6 is enabled and defaults to a static address. I need IPv6 on eth5 configured via dhcp with VLAN interfaces tracking the WAN interface for addressing. Comcast is the service provider.

Per Tom’s excellent tutorials, xcp-NG and Xen Orchestra from source installed easily.

In addition to the 5 default networks, two additional networks were created… WAN, which is assigned to eth5 and has MTU set at 1504. TRUNK is assigned eth1 with MTU set at 1504. Comcast is the service provider. The Management network and iDrac are assigned to eth0; I would like input on this idea.

If the Management network is assigned to eth5/xenbr5 (Comcast link), there is internet connectivity. I don’t think this is correct. If the Management network is assigned to eth0/xenbr0 (I think this is the correct config), there is no internet connectivity.

Next comes pfSense. The VM is easy to create… 4 processors, 6 gig memorey (I pare both back after installation and testing), a 20GB virtual drive, and 2 network interfaces, WAN and TRUNK, are assigmed. pfSense installs without issue; xn0 is assigned to WAN (dhcp) and xn1 is assigned to LAN (static). The VM comes right up. WAN has no address; LAN has it’s static address.

Please! Input welcome!


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