XCP-NG not detecting Drives

Hey there

So I was setting up a new HP Microserver G8 and wanted to give XCP-NG a try. This is the first time I was going for a Hypervisor OS on a server, since I am using Windows Server on all the others (yes I know, yadda yadda).

I know the Micro G8 has a software raid card with propietary closed source drivers from HP and thus it’s widely not supported overall. Since I want to do the raid in XCP-NG anyway, I turned it off in the BIOS and set it to “SATA AHCI SUPPORT”.

The problem is, that XCP is still not detecting my 4 hard drives once booted. I installed the OS on a 64GB SD-Card, which i put in the ILO Slot and it’s only recognizing that one. During install I am able to select one of those 4 doe and when running “fdisk -l” i am also able to see them.

Any idea how to solve this? Currently I switched to Proxmox which has no issues detecting the drives and creating a ZFS Raid on it.


I don’t see that server on the HCL, so no expectations that it would run. http://hcl.xenserver.org/servers/

You could look into finding a RAID controller driver for linux and see if you can slipstream it in during your install of XCP-ng. Might be able to find it in the Proxmox ISO too.

I would also say that Dell and SuperMicro servers seem to be more commonly supported by XCP-ng.

Yeah indeed, i saw that too, but some people managed to get it working properly. Maybe swapping the raid controller card to an older, like P212 would solve the problem. Anway, was just curious to see if anybody has some idea on how to solve it or if that was some common thing with XCP-NG, else i’ll just have to keep using Proxmox.

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