XCP-NG - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'xenapi'

I recently switched from esxi to xcp-ng and have had no problems until a recent power outage. The servers were on UPS, and I was able to gracefully shut them down, but one of them didn’t come back up (due to hardware failure). Systems are running XCP-NG 8.2.0.

Dell R640 (xcp-ng) - had XOA (open source) installed
Dell R620 (xcp-ng) - in the same pool as above

Until I rebooted the R620, I was still able to SSH into the most VMs running on the R620, but rebooted it because I couldn’t access some of them. After a reboot, I’m able to get to the management console, but it shows no local SRs and no VMs running on it. Is this because the pool (master) is down?

Yes, if the one that is down was the master then you will have to promote the non-mater server to master.

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