XCP-NG - No Windows Xen Tools detected after 8.1 update

Maybe I need a newer version of the management agent? Tried to find a new download, but Citrix’s site is needlessly convoluted and hard to search.

Anyone have this working? Am I missing someting obvious? Running an up to date version of Win Server 19

In Xen Orchestra under advanced I just turn on the “Windows Update tools” and let Windows load the drivers.

OK sounds good. Let me try that.

Interesting, although toggled on in xen orchestra, no updates show for Windows. Hmm.

you can find 8.1s hypervisor download here https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-hypervisor/ there is a copy of the agent install in the iso

Turning on updates never got me the management agent, I had to search for it and install it. Now my system is stuck at work where I’m not so no more testing for a while.

Its behing a login wall.

Brilliant! and even when u get an account u still cant have it.

Yup, sucks. I forget where I found it, but give google a try. There was a site or forum post that tracks the links to these tools. If I was at my system I could tell you, but the power is off so I can’t even remote in to grab it.