XCP-NG no network interfaces

I am trying to install XCP-NG in a new i9 build but for some reason I cannot see the network interfaces that are on the motherboard (onboard LAN ports), on an ASRock motherboard. Proxmox and Windows (w/ drivers) work just fine. It does mention that I may need to load a device driver, but from what I could tell, I cannot find Linux specific drivers from ASrock. Do I have to remain with Proxmox?

Or you could install a compatible network card.

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I guess I could, and I do have one in it but that is for the router VM and would still like to utilize the onboard ports as they’re 2.5G. I think it’s just best to stick with Proxmox, if it’s not going to pick up network interfaces at the very least then it doesn’t seem like a good idea to use.

2.5Gb NICs aren’t very well supported in these areas. If proxmox fits your needs for everything then it sounds like you don’t need to use XCP-ng.

The 2.5G network cards are supported in the beta XCP-NG 8.3 so I would go with that version.

I have had 8.3 running in my lab for a while, no concerns so far.

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Thanks, that seem to have been the fix. I might just stick with this and hope nothing bad comes up from using the beta (I think there shouldn’t be), and switch to the stable release when it fully comes out if that’s possible.

I have been doing all my small testing with the beta with out any issues. The Vates team behind XCP-NG does a really good job at building a stable product, even when it’s in beta, because they have so many large scale clients.

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An update to 8.3 is expected soon, might even be the RC version. That was in a recent blog or video, seems a safe place to be right now if it works for everything you need.