XCP-NG NFS Storage Share on TrueNas Core

There is a video I watched where Tom showed how to create NFS share on TrueNas core or scale. The share was created with a new dataset then the VM was copied or migrated to that share in TrueNas. Was wondering if someone could post the link to the video, I cannot find it.

  1. I also don’t understand the purpose of creating the NFS share, is it for storage purpose only and because there might not be enough local storage.

  2. Also if I create a VM in local storage of a host and then copy it to an NFS storage in TrueNas does that mean I have a working VM on both local and NFS storage.

  3. If I migrate the VM on local storage to NFS Share does that mean the VM now lives in the NFS Share and not local storage.
    Sorry for all the dumb questions, just trying to learn how it all works.

  1. NFS storage can be used as a Remote(for backups) or Storage Repo(Run your VM’s on).
  2. No, you can only have your vm drives on one SR at a time.
  3. Yes. No question is dumb.

Maybe this is the video you are looking for

The reason to use things like NFS storage on another server is for more space than local storage, more resiliency than local storage, or to be used as a shared space between multiple hosts.
I have a deeper dive into how storage works in XCP-NG here:

Thank you for the video and for answering my questions

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