Xcp-ng multiple nic's

How does Xcp-ng handle multiple network cards plugged in? Like everyone else I am moving from ESXi. I could plug as many ports as I had into the switch and ESXi would do it’s own thing speading the load across them. I did not have to create LAG groups just plug them in and assign them to the vSwitch in ESXi and it worked. In Xcp-ng do I have to assign a one to one nic to vm or ??? I understand how to setup vlans and all that but for a simple setup can I just plug in all the ports to the switch? Will they get used?

I have several NICs on each of my xcp-ng hosts. One is on a specific management vlan, 2 of them have trunk ports and another’s are used for pass-through on specific VM’s.

They have solid documentation so this is always a good place to start and Tom has made videos on the topic as well.

You can use the load balance feature if you want a LAGG without configuring a LAGG group on the switch.