XCP-NG - Missing Hard Drives from install


Just built a test bench on a new supermicro 1u. 2x Intel 8-Core, and 64GB memory. The problem is the storage. I’ve got 6x 1TB drives, and 2 SSDs.

I’ve install XCP-NG on a two Raid 1 m.2 SSDs.

No problems, great. During install, I elected to use the 2 other SSDs and the 6x 1TB drives for VM storage. No errors. Great, install done…wait…where is my storage?
I can see the drives in the console by listing them. But, I can’t see them in the SR. Nor can I add them. I also can’t find a guide as to where to add them via the XCP-NG forums. The only thing close is a guide from Xen Server.

Any ideas?


So do you not have a “Local Storage” disk to choose from? or is it that you don’t have all the expected storage space?


You just have to add them manually,

fdisk -l
. Search for the new hard drive in the list. It will be the last on the list and it is indicated as /dev/sdc. c is the position it is in. Generally, it starts at a, and the list continues.
Run the following command from the command line interface:
xe sr-create name-label= shared=false device-config:device= type=lvm

  • Name of Storage is the name of the Storage Repository you require
  • Path of the Storage device is the path as noted in the preceding tasks, /dev/sdc)


I have no “Local Storage” option for whatever reason. Running 7.6.0.
Also tried 7.5.0. Also re-tried on a new 7.6.0 image. No dice.


Tried the command and got the following:

“The SR operation cannot be performed because a device underlying the SR is in use by the host”


Just for shits and giggles, have you tried to just add say one or two disks for VM storage?

Also are your 6 x 1TB disks and 2 SSDs running in HBA mode? or running off a RAID card as a virtual disk?

Anytime I’ve done mixed drives, I’ve created two virtual disks off the RAID card, and then selected both for VM storage, and it presents a single Local Storage object, that just combines the sizes of the two virtual disks together into one pool of storage. This is how the default installer should work, and you can add additional Local Storage objects via CLI.


They were on RAID card. Apparently the newer 3ware cards aren’t currently supported. I had to find a spare h710 raid controller. Seems to work fine.