XCP-NG, Linux and XOA

New to VM’s…Have installed XCP-NG bare metal. How do I now install Linux onto that (would like to try Fedora) so that I can compile XOA ??

Loads of videos on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xen+orchestra

If you do not want to build Xen yourself - you can download an image of Xen Orchestra created by Ronivay - GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script

Fedora is not supported for XEN installation by the looks at things

On the ronivay pages you can download a complete XOA from sources VM, just type the script into a console (in XCP-NG) and it will do the rest. Scroll down a bunch past the instructions for building it and you will find the info.

The part I am not fully understanding is when using linux is that installed as a VM on the same server as xcp-ng? If so how do I install that with XOA starter or something running 1st?

Xen Orchestra can be installed on the XPC-NG server, or a totally separate server

If read GitHub - ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater: Xen Orchestra install/update script , you ssh onto the XPC-NG and run the following command ```
sudo bash -c “$(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater/master/xo-vm-import.sh)”

This will Xen Orchestra for you on the XCP-NG server

got it…that install script will install VM images with Debian 11 and XOA