Xcp-ng Lenovo server


I have two lenovo thinkpad computers, one is a server of them with a xenon processor.

But I have problems installing xcp-ng on them. it works to run the installation on USB, but then when it starts it says that no operating system is found.

Sounds like a uefi or bios issue - check the boot options in the bios

I do exactly as the manual describes but still after restarting this works inside. Have installed xcp-ng on other sytams and no problems there either. Any more ideas?

Recently installed XCP-NG on a couple boxes and ran into a similar issue, turns out I selected the USB instead of the internal drive when choosing where to install. Seems obvious, but worth checking out if you’ve exhausted other options. Alternatively, check the BIOS to make sure it is recognizing the drive you are installing to and that it is set in the Boot Order.