XCP-NG - Largest Stack?

Question for anyone who uses XCP-NG:

Whats the most VMs you have running?

We have a 3 server pool of XCP-NG managed by XOA. Migrated from VMware due to the Broadcom stuff going on. Everything is stable. Running 22 VMs at the moment, about to add 32 more.

Side question, anyone know how the load-balance plugin works?

All depends on the spec of the host servers - processor , virtual processors, memory and the number of servers

Tom has clients running 100s of virtual machines

To check proformance of server , look at figures under Stats - (Home - Hosts)

Had a consulting client where I don’t recall the number of hosts, but I do recall they had about 2,000 VM’s being managed. They were a VoIP provider that spun up a Linux instance for each client and XOA handled it just fine. You could also post the question in Home | XCP-ng and XO forum as there are a lot of people in there.