XCP-NG iSCSI Thin provisioning

I am trying to add my iSCSI LUN in XCP-NG, comming from a VMWare enviroment I used to use Thin Provisioning, but I doesn`t see this as a option inside XCP-NG. Can someone tell me what I can do?

It’s not a supported feature Storage in XCP-ng | XCP-ng documentation

I also come from the Esxi environment and switched from iSCSI to NFS almost 10 years ago, I found the performance and functionality overall to be at least equivalent or better and was certainly more forgiving and resilient. Within Esxi NFS supported thin provisioning, and I think it does with xcp-ng as well.

This provisioning is supported with NFS and that it what we use.

Thanks for the response Tom :slight_smile:
Do you know if the NFS on XCP-NG support multipathing to my TrueNAS server? Right now I have setup iSCSI multipathing.

Yes, TrueNAS does support iSCSI multi path with XCP-NG.

Yea, but I was thinking about doing NFS Multipathing? Or should I just go LACP to the Switch? Using US-16 XG

I am unclear if they have NFS Multipath support so just go LACP