XCP-NG - iSCSI over VLAN interface

I spun up my first XCP-NG host this week in my home lab. It’s on a 1 liter PC with only a single NIC. I’ve always run iSCSI on it’s own VLAN, so I figured it should still be fine. I’m struggling to make this work with XCP-NG the way I did in ESXi. I set up the new network for the VLAN and set it as an NBD connection, but I’m not seeing where I assign an IP address, subnet mask, etc. I figure that is going to be needed before I’m going to be able to add the iSCSI storage. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m not seeing.

I should add that I’m running the self compiled version of Xen Orchestra.

I usually connect my storage using a dedicate NIC but this process should work for VLAN as well.

  • Under Pools Name then Network create the network with the proper VLAN attached to the correct network interface
  • The going into the Host then Network and you can assign a static IP to that interface

From there you can SSH into the XCP-NG host and make sure you can ping the iSCSI interface and then it should work.

Very nice, that worked. I was going into Pools, then Network and that did not have the option to specify IP. I feel silly.

I was able to add the volume no problem. It was formerly formatted with VMFS, so I’m guessing it will need to be reformatted or something? It’s showing 100% free space despite there being old ESXi VMs still there.

It should have formatted the iSCSI when you connected it.

Yup, took a bit for me to realize this had happened. I got it rocking now. I’m starting to think about using this at work.

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