XCP-ng iSCSI multipathing

Trying to connect an XCP-ng host to iSCSI storage on my SAN. In default out-of-the-box mode with multipathing disabled, the host connects the iSCSI disk successfully, albeit with only a single connection to one of the SAN’s 4 IP addresses.

When I enable multipathing and connect to iSCSI, I see a red X on the disk and get the following error:

1 of 4 paths active (4 iSCSI sessions)

Checking the SAN, I see connections to all 4 of the SAN’s IP addresses, but only originating from the host’s management IP address. In VMware land I would create storage virtual networks and bind them to physical adapters for link redundancy. How do you configure this in XCP?

I tested it a while back but don’t recall the process exactly and I did not document it. This reddit post has some information on it https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/ii69me/xcpng_multipathing_setup_nfs_or_iscsi_help/
They probably have some posts in their forums about it Home | XCP-ng and XO forum