XCP-NG install not using full disk


I’m attempting to install xcp on a dell r710, and the OS will be on two 146gb raid-1 drives. It installs fine but only creates an 18gb partition. This leads to problems down the road as it filled up previously. Reinstalling did the same thing. It appears to only create an 18gb microsoft partition. How can I extend that to use the full 146gb? I selected ext when installing. My other two raid groups that I use for local vm storage created fine. Any help would be appreciated.

When doing the install you are asked to set up a local storage repository with the remaining drive. I cover that in this video:

Oh, maybe I missed that. I selected the second raid-1 set of drives for that. I’ll check that video out. It seems odd however that we can’t extend the OS partition. So if I’m understanding correctly, I should select the same OS drive for virtual machine storage, as well as my other two raid groups?

The installer will make a partition for XCP-NG and use what’s left for VM storage.