XCP-ng Install issues

Having some weird issues when trying to install xcp-ng 8 on a dell r630.

Setup is a r630 with a perc h730 I believe. We’ve got 4 800gb ssds in a raid 10 config.

The issue comes in after the installer gets past “preparing for install”. It just seems to get hung up at around 20%. And then will finally fail. Last error I got was "error 30 - read only file system “/tmp/root/var/cache/yum/installer/install/cahchecookie”

This only seems to happen on this hardware when we try to install on the array we setup. It goes through just fine on a single drive, so I feel like the ISO is ok. So we are trying to figure out if maybe it’s an issue with the ssds or the controller itself. Lucky it’s a referb server with dell warranty so we can get that stuff replaced if need. Just trying to narrow some things down.

Would it be best to just install the hypervisor on like a raid1 set and then just use the raid10 set for vms? Is it even beneficial to install dom0 on a raid set at all?

Found this: https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/wiki/Logfiles#installation-logs-and-debug-information
so that’ll be my next stop.

WELL, at this point we are thinking it’s an issue with the RAID card. An install completes with the card in HBA mode, installing on a singe disk. Once the card is set in raid mode, and a virtual disk is created, the install fails. :confused:

Now to deal with dell support

Issues on this turned out to be hardware related. After a lot of back and forth with dell and them sending a tech out 2 separate times over the course of 3 weeks to replace parts, it’s finally working!!!