XCP-NG inport VM from old SR?

So I’m fooling with my XCP-NG system again and ended up doing a fresh install on the system disks. Some things got messed up in the previous install after being off for months and needing to change IP addresses, so I just blasted the latest version on as a clean install. I still have the old VM’s on the SR, and mounted the old SR the same as previously. But I don’t see a way to scan scan the SR for any previous VM… Is there a way to restore these previous machines?

I do have a backup at work that I can move to a place where I can grab them, just thought I would try to restore them if possible. But the servers are installed at work, and I’m home on vacation (gives me time to play and learn). I do have a VPN between the two networks to accomplish things easily as long as the works doesn’t require me to put my hands on anything in the racks.

And I may just create new ones, again the IP range has changed so I’d need to mess with the Windows DC’s but it would be easy to get the XO vm switched over and working. Running XCP-NG-center for the moment to get everything set back up. Probably going to get my Atomic Pi set up as an XO appliance so that any other time I need/want to nuke things, I have an easy way to get going again.

There is not a way to rescan and find the drives because the metadata was wiped when you did the clean load.

That’s what I thought, but worth asking.