XCP-NG import VHD slow

Installed XCP-NG 8.1 and Xen Orchestra Server 5.79.2

For the vm Storage I am using a local disk, setup with LVM. Everything is running fine but I am having troubles importing a 196 GB VHD file with the Xen Orchestra Console. It keeps saying importing. When I check the network settings its not even using 500 kbs??

The XCP-NG Server is connected to 1 GB Network and a copy of the same file over the network to our NAS takes about 35 minutes, but I seem not being able to import this.

Alternatively I thought to scp the VHD file to the datastore but don’t know how to use the physical path in LVM.

Not something I really do that often, their forums are probably a better place to ask about this Home | XCP-ng forum

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No problem Tom, thank you anyway.