Xcp-ng hardware. And Ryzen

Hi there.

I’m thinking on setting a new small home virtualization server at home. Nothing fancy…
Só my question is … how good do AND Ryzen cpus work with xcp-ng in general? I saw Lawrence video in the 3900x but I don’t want to go so,thing that expensive hehehe !

I’m currently running proxmox on an intel i3 8th gen nuc and it runs fine but I wanted to give xcp-ng a go ! ( without trashing proxmox …)

I tried to install xcp-ng on an old laptop with with an intel i5 5003u but the install it doesn’t even boot … something to do with hyper threading and meltdown …

There has not been a lot of testing on all the Ryzens, but it should work on more than just the 3900x. They have been working on more compatibility with the Epyc line as well.