XCP-NG Hard Drive or Partition Pass Through


I am new to XCP-ng and am working at setting up my system.

I have two 1 TB drives that were mirrored during the XCP ng installation. My ISO storage and VM’s reside on these disks.

I would like to setup a Linux VM to use as a file server. I have six 3 TB drives on a HBA that I want to set up as RAID6 and then partition into two (approximately a 10TB and 2TB partition). The larger of the partitions would be file storage for the file server (VM residing on the 1 TB drives) and the smaller one for storage for a different VM.

Based on my research I cannot use the 10 TB partition as a VM storage since it exceeds the 2 TB limit.

I have watched the Hard Drive Pass-through video and am wondering if I can setup the RAID and partitions in Dom0 and pass through partitions to another VM. If not, what other options are recommended?

Thank you,

You could probably pass the raid through to a VM, or you could setup FreeNAS/TrueNAS virtualized https://youtu.be/gk8gHYjf7rw but neither of these I would recommend for a business, but good for lab use.