XCP-NG HA \ VM images


I am in the process of migrating Hyper-V VM’s to XCP-NG with TrueNAS as the Storage Repo with the view to go HA.

I am converting images to VMWare then importing is there any other way to import direct.

I note that it is recommended for 3 hosts for HA, 2 of the servers are ok the 3rd not as good spec is there a way you can set a priority for the host to failover too.

You should be able to set this up in the load balancer plug in in Xen Orchestra.

Appreciated many thanks.

Can’t you get a VHD out of Hyper-V? VHD imports directly. Note that this is not VHDX, whatever is done as the X part prevents import.

Make the VM, set the cpu, ram, and disk size to the same as the HyperV. In the advanced tab uncheck the “start VM automatically” (you can change it after it is working). Go to that VM, select the disks tab, and over on the right is an import button. Select VHD and wait. When it finishes start the VM and see if it worked. This process builds the GUID for the disk and copies it into the correct area.

I’ve had fair luck doing this, but not 100%. Mostly mine have been disk2vhd or converting other non-compatible disk images to vhd. A few failures, a few successes. I’ve found that I have better luck just (for windows server) making a fresh VM and migrating/duplicating services on the new VM, then turning off the old services. You might run into licensing issues with any software that compares CPU ID, network MAC, etc., one of my machines could not be disk2vhd because the licensed software stopped working. Had a support contract so was able to fix it.

Also you might preinstall the drivers and management agent, that might save a reboot later, but I bet you still have at least one reboot after you power it up the first time.

I have been using Starwind V2V as some of the disks have been large, just the time it takes to convert then import.

I would try exporting a VHD from Hyper-V and import that directly and see how things go. Still a slow process, but generally not one you need to sit and supervise.

I have kicked off an export vhdx vm is running, I will then convert the offline copy via Hyper-V and then import. It is a terminal server only 5 users desktop and my doc’s are redirected will just have to backup profiles what’s left and move over if all goes ok.

If you export VHD (no X) then it should import directly, is HyperV not able to export VHD directly? I haven’t used it, only going by what I read in the paperwork.

The vm needs to be shutdown to convert to VHD as far as I can tell. Exporting has given me an offline copy which I am currently converting. I can then import.

OK, odd but they probably do it on purpose to prevent easy migration. disk2vhd might also be of value, it creates the image through shadow copy while the “computer” runs.