Xcp-ng HA issue when host is set as master

Hi all,
I have been testing the HA in Xen Orchestra / xcp-ng all day and so far, it works very well.
Whe I reboot any hosts, I can see all my VMs migrating to a new host.

The only issue I have is when the host that is rebooting is set a the ‘master’, then I loose all the VMs on that host untill the reboot is complete.

Could anyone please advise if there is a way to autmaticaly reasign a master when the master goes down?

Thank all in advance

When HA is enabled, XenServer continually monitors the health of the hosts in a pool. The HA
mechanism automatically moves protected VMs to a healthy host if the current VM host fails.
Additionally, if the host that fails is the master, HA selects another host to take over the master role
automatically, so that you can continue to manage the XenServer pool. But the master did not fail, you restarted it therefore an election of the new master did not occur.


How can I do a proper test of the HA?
When I unplugged the master server, I didn’t loose any VMs but I was unable to access xcp-ng center until the hosted fully rebooted.