XCP-NG Guests VMs backups solution

I’m using a XCP-NG for a short time, and i’m looking for options to perform backups. I’m using XenOrchestra from the sources, and my first experience was to export virtual machine, and import via cli with the command

 xe vm-import filename=/tmp/cifsmount/20220816T105959ZE3.xva

Where this directory was SMB Windows Share. But the import process took (10 hours). The process with NFS remote took similar time.

So, i thought using an external HD that i cound use the usb passthrough to XenOrchestra VM and perform the import and export.

My external HDD is NTFs format.

When i plug the device in XCP-NG host, it detects disk normally (fdisk -l). But when i use usb passtrough i don’t recognize the device inside a Guest machine.

I try to use usb passtrough in 2 different guests (one CentOS and one Windows Server 2019) and none recognizeed the device.

What am i doing wrong? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

I have a tutorial here on how to use the backups, I prefer to use the remote target options in XO.

Create smb share on Server 2019,

Using the Xen Orchestra backup to smb share using the inbuild backup tools

Follow Tom’s video

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