XCP-NG Guest Web Access

I have a question about accessing the virtual enviroment in XCP-ng. I’m basing this off how Synology does web access into the virtual machines it can host with VMM. Synology has a 1-click button to generate a Share Link that gives you access to the Virtual Host. This is a console type view and not a remote access into the operating system.

Does XCP-ng have any feature like this?

No but, you could set up a user inside of Xen Orchestra and give that person “user” access to just that VM. They would have to have access to Xen orchestra and if they aren’t using a VPN to connect to you then it would have to be public facing.

@xMAXIMUSx Do you know of any other virtual host that does have this ability? Its a small use case, but I like to setup temporary software demos and provide a link for someone to jump in and test/view.

I am not aware of any non-custom coded solution that does this. However you may be able to achieve the desire effect with the self-service option.

Doing some google digging and I found a product called NoVNC. It looks just like the html5 interface that Synology is using for console access.

It would appear that Xenserver is using the same thing. I found a blog post from xen here: https://xen-orchestra.com/blog/xenserver-consoles/

Still looks as though there is not a way to provide a public link directly to the console.

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In the past I looked at https://guacamole.apache.org/ if you can handle the pain to get it working, then you can access your vms via the browser.

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Not off the top of my head. You could probably use NoVNC but that will take a little bit of configuring.

What you are asking for is pretty special and not to mention scary if you are giving free reign to a host on your network. I hope you have best practice setup for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree its very special use case, and its seamlessly built right into Synology VMM :flushed:
The Synology VMM is just not all that great and has limitations…

Synology provides the link just like its normal file share link, so password and use time etc.

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Getting Guacamole to run isn’t that bad, especially if you are a docker user, depoly the docker image and you are kind of done. Otherwise getting a Centos VM spun up and getting Guacamole to work isn’t too bad, would be best to have HA Proxy (or other reverse proxy) to handle the HTTPS.