XCP-NG GTX970 and wifi passthrough

Hello all, trying to passthrough a gtx970 and intel wifi card to a VM in xcp-ng.

I’m not seeing the nvidia gtx in the passthrough options:

When “whole GPU” is selected its PCI 11 (not sure what this value means)

Windows GUI shows:

LSPCI shows:

So the GPU is there… also the wifi card.

Interesting though that LSPCI shows the two physical NIC on the mobo as Realtek, and the wifi is intel but the xcp-ng windows GUI has it the other way around:

Also only one ethernet seems to pop up (NIC MAC address) and one for the Realtek, with the MACs only having one digit delta at the end, so not sure if a NIC is being confused with the wifi card.

Any help would be much appreciated, would love to give a VM access to the GPU for some object detection and wifi for some promiscuous mode logs.

I have not used it but they have a write up here on using pass through with XCP-NG