XCP-NG & FreeNAS replication

I’ve been watching a number of the Lawrence YouTube video & really enjoying them.
Thanks for the great content.
I recall seeing one of them (sorry, don’t remember the exact title) that showed Xenifer1 connecting to the FreeNAS box & it replicated to Xenifer2. But Xenifer2 wasn’t directly connected to the FreeNAS box. So how is the local storage setup of Xenifer2? Does that mean you’re running FreeNAS virtualized in XCP-NG on Xenifer2?

They are connected and I am using the replication in Xen Orchestra to duplicate and backup virtual machines. Xen Orchestra can use multiple destinations for the backups, SMB, NFS or iSCSI connected to XCP-NG. I am using FreeNAS NFS for the storage.