XCP-ng, FreeNAS, 10GB

I want to thank you for the videos they are great… Okay buttering up is over lol.

I have been using your videos to setup my environment. Typically I miss stuff and have to watch them more than once (probably the case here as well)

I have (2) XCP-ng servers set up each with dual port 10GB NICs. I just got my FreeNAS server setup with a single dual port 10GB NIC. The servers are directly connected to the FreeNAS server. Here is where I am getting confused and lost a little. When I configured the IP Addresses on the FreeNAS server I was under the impression that each port on the NIC needed its own IP is this True? If so I was forces to give 1 port a XXX.XXX.225.60 ip and the 2nd port XXX.XXX.226.65 ip. Does this sound right? Cause of this each XCP01 has a storage ip of XXX.XXX.225.50 and XCP02 is XXX.XXX.226.55.
This config got the XCP’s talk to FreeNAS. How does this complicate the migrations from host to host?

This morning after trying to wing it on the NFS setup and failing I watched the video on how to setup a NFS Share on FreeNAS and found out I was completely off (Again THANKS for the great videos). But when I got to the point of configuring the Storage on the XCP side I got this error "
SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_73(, NFS mount error [opterr=mount failed with return code 32], )". Watched the video again stopping and configuring with the video. And the same thing

XCP-ng version 7.6
FreeNAS version 11.2

Host Server’s HP DL360 G5 with HP 10GB nic’s
FreeNAS Supermicro with Mellanox Connects X2

Anything else needed please ask I will reply as best I can.

Thanks in Advaced…

If you are using as a storage connection then yes each adapter on the XCP-NG needs to be configured as such with a static IP and you should be able to ping the FreeNAS server via that connection.

How can I configure the system so that both XCP host to talk to the FreeNAS and have the ability to migrate guest between host?

The best way would be to put a switch between them and then you can setup shared storage pool to pass the VM back and forth

I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Guess that’ll be my next purchase. It’s been on my list but towards the bottom cause I thought I’d be able to directly attach the two hosts.

Here is a 10g switch thats pretty cheap… 175$ on newegg

Im considering making the jump to 10g myself with it.

Thanks. I’ve seen that one they also have a 16 port one available and if I’m not wrong an 8 port coming soon. I think I’m going to save up for the 8 port one so I can LAG the 3 boxes.

Yes it is just released, here is the details: https://mikrotik.com/product/crs309_1g_8s_in - it may take some time to get out to all of the distributors and resellers.

Edit: Baltic Networks has pre orders available at a discount for some reason: https://www.balticnetworks.com/mikrotik-8x-10g-sfp-ports-poe-cloud-router-switch.html - I’m not sure how I feel about pre ordering this, but I consider Baltic Networks my preferred vendor for Mikrotik equipment.

I have that CRS305-1G-4S+IN and i can confirm it works great with xcp and freenas. Had a weird issue in xcp at first where it showed disconnected for a little while but that’s it, has worked fine ever since.